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Since 1975, The Harbor Association of Industry & Commerce (HAIC) has been working on behalf of our members to advocate for legislation and impactful industry policies that will drive forward the businesses of our valued members. Our priorities and initiatives include promoting responsible international commerce that creates economic vitality for the South Bay area, providing further visibility and awareness surrounding the harbor business community, and solidifying the region’s position as a global leader in maritime commerce.

Membership Benefits

  • Impactful networking opportunities 
  • Active participation on committees 
  • Advertising and sponsorship opportunities 
  • Access to immediate release of critical information
  • “Harbor Voice” newsletter and regular email updates
  • Powerful partnership in advocacy

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Our committees are the driving force behind advancing our industry and promoting collaboration, thought leadership, and teamwork. By joining our committees, you can stay ahead of legislative movements and anticipate industry trends that directly impact your business. We encourage all members to participate and make a difference in the processes that affect your ability to compete.

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Governmental Affairs

Our members review legislation and regulations that affect the business community, particularly in the South Bay. We advocate for policies that promote economic growth and improve the business climate in the region. Join us to influence legislation and regulations that impact your business and the industry.

Port Security Subcommittee
Transportation Subcommittee  

Marketing & Communications

Our committee is responsible for developing HAIC's marketing and communication vehicles, such as membership brochures, a monthly newsletter, website, media kits, press releases, public service announcements, and position papers. We keep our members informed and engaged to ensure they have all the information they need to succeed. Join us to help us develop effective communications strategies that promote the HAIC and our mission.

  • Membership Brochures
  • Monthly Newsletter 
  • Website Updates 
  • Media Kits and Press Releases
  • Public Service Announcements 
  • Position Papers

 Programs (Including Port Tech Mixers and Workshops)

Our monthly meetings feature prestigious speakers who address issues relevant to the economic health and well-being of the South Bay. We work hard to find a diverse group of speakers who represent a wide range of topics and issues that interest our members. Join us to stay informed, network with other professionals in the industry, and help us identify compelling speakers and topics for our meetings.


This committee works on annual events, as well as special events, that range from fun family outings to gatherings that have an advanced legislative agenda. The committee arranges an annual Harbor Cup Challenge golf tournament, harbor cruises for HAIC members and their friends and family, an annual officers and directors installation dinner, the "Salute to Industry" awards banquet, and the yearly trip to Sacramento to meet with our legislators.


We believe that the strength of any organization lies in its members. We are always looking for companies and individuals who are seeking to make a difference in the processes that affect their ability to compete. If you are such a company or person, we invite you to join us and explore the value we can add as a common voice in the interest of seeing all Harbor area businesses flourish. As a member, you will have access to networking opportunities, professional development, and the chance to make your voice heard on issues affecting your business.

Salute to Industry

Our "Salute to Industry" Award is presented annually to a leading Southern California industrial or commercial enterprise, or individual, for outstanding contributions to the economic well-being of the South Bay area. We also present a Lifetime Achievement Award to an individual who has been active in the community and HAIC and its goals and objectives over their career. Join us in recognizing and honoring outstanding contributions to our community, and consider nominating yourself or someone else for one of our awards.

Workforce Development

Our Workforce Committee is developing criteria and working with school districts to tie education to the needs of the business community. By doing so, we aim to develop future workforces for businesses located within the maritime transportation and international trade community. Join us in this important effort to support workforce development in the Harbor Area, and help us identify opportunities to bridge the gap between education and industry.

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