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Welcome to our committees!

At the Harbor Association of Industry and Commerce, our committees are at the heart of everything we do. They help us monitor legislation, provide a forum for industrial and government speakers to address key issues, and write resolutions that reflect the HAIC's overall position.

Our members play an important role in evaluating education and scholarship-related funding requests made to the HAIC. By doing so, we are helping to support and strengthen the skills and knowledge of the workforce in the Harbor Area.

Joining one of our committees is a great way to get involved, stay informed, and make a difference. We welcome all members to participate and contribute to our efforts to enhance commerce and industry development in the Long Beach/Los Angeles Harbor Area.

Golf Tournament (Harbor Cup Challenge):  Join us for our annual Harbor Cup Challenge, a summer event that brings together teams from the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. This exciting golf tournament, which is always a sold-out affair, offers not only competitive play for the coveted Harbor Cup but also provides a fantastic opportunity for networking and fun.

Governmental Affairs:  Our Governmental Affairs committee meticulously reviews regulations and legislation that impact the business community, with a particular focus on the South Bay region. We address critical issues such as air quality, water-borne commerce, land use, and port-related matters. Additionally, we closely monitor pending legislation at the federal, state, and local levels that may influence the needs of HAIC members.

Membership and Marketing:  Our Membership and Marketing committee is dedicated to two critical aspects of HAIC's mission:

  • Marketing and Communications: This sub-committee takes charge of developing HAIC's marketing and communication channels. This includes the creation of membership brochures, monthly newsletters, website content, media kits, press releases, public service announcements, and position papers. Our primary objective is to ensure our members are well-informed and actively engaged.
  • Membership: We firmly believe that the strength of any organization lies in its members. Our dedicated membership sub-committee is continuously in pursuit of companies and individuals who share our commitment to making a positive impact on the processes influencing competitiveness. If you share this commitment, we warmly invite you to explore the value we offer as a unified voice working tirelessly for the success of all Harbor area businesses.

Programs (Including Port Tech Mixers and Workshops):  Our monthly meetings feature esteemed speakers who address topics relevant to the economic vitality of the South Bay. We diligently curate a diverse array of speakers representing a wide spectrum of subjects and issues of interest to our members.

Salute to Industry:  The “Salute to Industry” Award, presented annually by HAIC, recognizes a leading Southern California industrial or commercial enterprise or individual for their exceptional contributions to the economic well-being of the South Bay area. This prestigious award provides an opportunity for recognition by various levels of government, the Harbor Association, and the community. It reaffirms our belief in the free enterprise system. Additionally, a Lifetime Achievement Award is bestowed upon an individual who has demonstrated a lifelong commitment to the community, HAIC, and its objectives.

Workforce Development:  Our Workforce Development Committee is actively establishing criteria and collaborating with school districts to align education with the needs of the business community. Our goal is to cultivate future workforces specifically tailored to businesses within the maritime transportation and international trade sectors. Join us in this essential effort to support workforce development in the Harbor Area.

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